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Business leaders recognize the importance of power management.  The national power grid is constantly being taxed by heavy consumption while demand continues to increase.  Companies need the proper back-up equipment to protect against costly disruptions.  Ancona Controls keeps electrical back-up systems running smoothly so if the power does go out, the business keeps going.

Consultation with our engineers during power infrastructure planning and development results in design specifications that provide the most cost effective back-up power solutions that meet the client’s requirements.  Our experts assure that certain design considerations do not get overlooked during the planning phase such as noise, alarm annunciation, remote EPO’s and bypass options.

Once a power solution is determined, our team of professional installers and technicians transform engineering design specifications into reality working quickly and attentively to ensure that the customer can maintain business operations during site alterations.

Once installed, the Ancona Controls maintenance programs are key to ensuring that site protection equipment will function properly when a power loss occurs.   Calling our Emergency Hotline 877.539.2662 during a power emergency will connect you with immediate technical expert support by phone while an emergency team is promptly dispatched.

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    Our commitment to safety is integral to our success.  Jobs large or small are carefully planned and include a written pre-task safety assessment to assure that Ancona personnel identify potential hazards related to the work and have the necessary safeguards in place to protect against those hazards.   Basic safe practices include the use of insulated tools, proper PPE clothing and head gear.  Taking the time up front for safety considerations protects the premises as well as the personnel from disasters such as Arc-Flash incidents.