We Sell the Following Batteries

Ancona Controls offers sales of Enersys and C&D Technologies Dynasty batteries (Flooded, Front Access Monoblock)
(Enersys HX Series in stock at Wixom warehouse)  We also offer Toshiba’s line of Lithium-Ion batteries.

DataSafe batteries are designed for use in UPS applications, which demand the highest levels of security and reliability.

All DataSafe battery systems are rated at 100% initial capacity at initial discharge.

The key performance benefits of C & D Dynasty Brand batteries are:

  • Advanced High-Rate Battery Technology – Absorbent Glass Mat Technology
  • Superior Run-Time for your UPS application
  • Long Life operation life
  • High energy density power for your Back – Up UPS

Toshiba SCiB’s are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to the conventional VRLA (lead-acid) batteries or flywheels.  SCiB’s are an advancement in Lithium Ion technology using Lithium Titanate as the Anode in the battery cell as opposed to a Carbon composite anode found in the older design Lithium batteries which was found to be highly combustible.

Reason’s customers choose the SCiB’s:

  • Safe
  • Ultra-long life – 12 year full warranty
  • Tolerance for freezing cold temperatures
  • Rapid recharging (less than 6 minutes to achieve 80% capacity)
  • Zero battery maintenance or testing required.

Pricing for SCiB’s is higher than the conventional VRLA batteries but less than flywheels.

These batteries are not intended for long duration runtimes.