About Us

ANCONA CONTROLS was founded in January 1998 by Beth Ancona to self-contract electrical controls design and build services to automotive Tier-1 suppliers. In 2003, Beth and her husband Albert (also an electrical engineer) started rectifier repair service work for a DC power company. Eventually DC rectifier repairs branched into full maintenance programs for DC and UPS equipment among multiple customers throughout Michigan and the Midwest eventually overshadowing and finally replacing the original controls design portion of the business. Later, in 2008 Ancona Controls also became involved in the installation of DC & UPS equipment. In 2009, stand-by generator maintenance and repair services were added.

Over the years, we have encountered many complex power situations that required our specialized expertise.  When power issues occur, the most difficult task is always figuring out the root cause.  Once the root cause is identified, then making the proper correction can be done rather quickly.  Excellence in this area requires a full understanding of power some aspects of which include 3-phase vs single phase, phase angles, inductive and resistive loads, power factors, harmonics, proper grounding, power factors and power factor correction capacitors.

Ancona Controls Guiding Principles:        Truth & Respect

Our Mission: To be the electrical power specialists counted on by our clients to maintain safe and reliable back-up system protection with service performed by a highly trained engineering staff using the most advanced equipment and technology available.

Industries Served:


Hospitals & Health Care Facilities

Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Subway and Rail Transportation Industry

Schools and Universities

Data Centers and Telecom Providers

Hotels, Casinos and Sports Arenas,

Retail Stores

Private Companies and Manufacturing Facilities