Planning / Design

Our engineering team often consults with our client’s architectural and engineering firms when power redundancy is required.  A modular type UPS may be a good selection for N+1 capacity whereas sometimes better efficiencies can be realized with load sharing between two non-modular UPS units.   Datacenter equipment that has built-in redundancy may have the A and B feeds routed to isolated redundant UPS units.  DC powered equipment requires a properly sized DC plant that allows for future growth since expansions can be very costly if this is not taken into consideration up front.  The DC plant with a small inverter is a preferred option when the majority of the loads are DC.

When a detailed project specification is being developed, our team contributes in the power back-up sections of the spec to ensure that the descriptions are not missing any key information.  Our company also helps with putting together submittal packages containing all commercial literature, operation manuals and layout drawings.